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Campaigner’s Commitment

I often say there are three powerful things that every intrapreneur needs to make organizational change that sticks.   My recent post covered #1, the Experimenter’s Mindset.   This post covers #2, the Campaigner’s Commitment. We’d all like to proclaim our vision for...

Experimenter’s Mindset

I often say there are three powerful things that every intrapreneur needs to succeed. The first is the Experimenter’s Mindset: Curiosity, open-mindedness, and a willingness to test things out, fail, iterate and adapt. At its core, the Experimenter’s Mindset is about...

Glory Stories

Glory Stories are those legends and lore that send signals about who and what we value in our organizations. They’re the stories we tell over and over at events like the annual holiday party, company picnic and new employee orientation. Do yours reinforce or undermine...

Where attention goes, energy flows

Where attention goes, energy flows. How will you balance the focus of your energy and attention this week? How much will you invest in the big, powerful questions even though the exploration may not produce an immediate result? Will you be tempted...

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Happy Birthday!

OK, I don’t really know if it’s your birthday today. Odds are, it isn’t. But since we’re about halfway through the year, I encourage you to think about today as a “birthday” of sorts… an opportunity to review, reset and renew for the next six...

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Who says playing is just for kids?

Five years ago, I dropped New Year’s Resolutions and adopted a Word of the Year (WOTY) instead. I wrote about my WOTY in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. For 2020, I’m all about “play.” If previous years are any indication, this word will inform my...

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5 Signs Your Meetings Need a Makeover

When was the last time you heard someone say, “I love meetings!”? My guess is, probably never. In fact, I doubt you’ve said it yourself, even about the meetings you lead. My theory is that people don’t hate meetings. They just hate bad meetings –...

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My antidote to failed intentions

Close your eyes and picture yourself just before the end of your last team retreat or leadership seminar or productivity training. I bet you’re brimming with optimism, enthusiastic about all the cool stuff you learned and insight you had, full of...

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I can’t be it if I can’t see it

Leader. Groundbreaking innovator. Disruptor. High performer. Quick, don’t filter yourself or pause – what images or people come to mind when you see these words? Thanks to my summer reading list, it’s hard for me right now to come up with names...

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