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The Human, Messy and Emotional Side of Change

Traditional change management theory teaches us that organizational change is linear, logical and predictable. If you just know the phases and have the right checklists, you can implement change successfully.Well…in my experience, that theory overlooks one critical...


“Instability is chronic; uncertainty is permanent; change is accelerating; disruption is common, and we can neither predict nor govern events. We believe there will be no ‘new normal.’ There will only be a continuous series of ‘not normal’ times.” Jim Collins, Great...

Make a Mighty Roar

"My voice feels tiny and I’m sure so does yours. Put us all together make a mighty roar!"I love those lines from Rising Appalachia’s song, "Resilient.""Resilient" is a word that got thrown around a lot in the last couple years. So much so that it lost a lot of its...

Obstacles, Objections and Resistance

Obstacles. Objections. Resistance.Obstacles show us we’re on the right path and getting closer to our goal.Objections are gifts. They show us what others care about and give us the exact language we must incorporate in our communication.Resistance...

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Innovation Meets Leadership

What happens when innovation meets leadership?Intrapreneurs like you change the world!Are you ready?Give a listen to my podcast appearance on Innovation Meets Leadership with Natalie Born for some practical tips you can apply today. (It’s a...

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Rethinking Resistance

Below are some actionable nuggets from my interview on The Good Office Podcast. Want more? You can listen to the full episode here (approximately 30 minutes).

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I recently spent two days in a business retreat with an amazing group of rule-bending (even some rule-breaking) women entrepreneurs. These women all challenge the status quo in their work and in their lives. Even with that general mindset, during a...

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Call To Emotion

Those of us trained in effective communication know we must always include a call to action. I also suggest identifying a “call to emotion” first. Watch my 2-minute video below for why that’s necessary.  Before you do any outreach or...

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Be Like Oprah

The push back we get when we introduce new ideas or challenge the status quo in any way is a common theme for the intrapreneurs I work with. Watch this quick video below to see how being like Oprah can help break through that resistance we...

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