Is Your Organization Painfully Slow to Change?

We help internal change leaders in social purpose organizations to influence and persuade others, so that they can realize their vision for change faster, with less frustration and resistance.

Our Mission…

We know that successful change leadership requires governance that guides, communication that connects, and strategy that both serves and sells.

We also know that internal change leaders need (and deserve) to be valued, celebrated, and supported to lead change effectively – especially in rapidly changing times.

But too often, organizational inertia creates so much resistance that generating much-needed change becomes a frustrating challenge… and it seems like no amount of effort or enthusiasm can push it forward.

We’re in a unique position that lets us see the challenges and obstacles from the outside, while applying all the experience and insight that comes only from working on the inside.

And we’ll use that perspective to help you successfully lead change inside your organization so that you can effectively leverage its scale, reach, resources and expertise to change the world outside your organization.

Who do we serve?

We serve teams and organizations with a social purpose – and the change leaders inside those established organizations (aka, “intrapreneurs”) who strive to make them more innovative, equitable, effective, and efficient.

From city government agencies and nonprofit organizations to philanthropic foundations and sustainability teams at Fortune 500 companies, we use our proprietary processes for board development, communication and messaging, and strategy development to accelerate the pace – and minimize the pain – of change.

We help teams and boards get unstuck, establish and grow trust, define their desired future and chart a path to realize it through focused off-site and retreat design and facilitation.

We teach intrapreneurs to persuade and influence others through our Intrapreneurs Influence Lab and other online programs.

We are proud to work with these fine clients…

Who We Are

Nancy Murphy

Founder & President

I’ve spent my career saying what others are afraid to – and learning to say it in ways that others will listen.

From challenging stereotypes of girls in my Catholic school more than 30 years ago, to my first job after college convincing nonprofits to engage youth volunteers, or my role as board chair of a global nonprofit transforming the way we do international development…

I’ve experienced the challenges of leading big change within established organizations.

And I’m willing to share all the mistakes I made – and all the solutions I discovered – so that you don’t have to learn them the hard way.

Learn from my experience…

  • Working with global and national consulting firms, including APCO Worldwide’s corporate responsibility practice.
  • Leading strategic planning and initiative design for nonprofit organizations including W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Annie E. Casey Foundation and Temple University.
  • Creating messaging and communication strategy for local government agencies including the Baltimore Mayor’s Office for Employment Development and DC Public Library.
  • Designing, implementing and communicating sustainability, CSR, community engagement and philanthropic strategies for companies including UPS, Sodexo, Johnson Controls and Freddie Mac.
  • Leading international grantmaking for Steve and Jean Case’s family foundation and an initiative to scale the impact of highly effective nonprofits at Grantmakers for Effective Organizations.
  • Managing teams of two to 20 people, in the same office and virtually, around the world.
  • Serving on the board with Pact (11 years, 6 as board chair), Taproot Foundation (5 years, 2 as board chair), National Youth Leadership Council (3 years), and Atlas Corps (current).
  • Networking and collaborating as a proud member of American Public Health Association and BoardSource.

As a trainer and speaker, I’ve shared my expertise and insights worldwide on strategic thinking, productive facilitation, forging effective partnerships, communicating complex concepts clearly, and turning vision into reality.

As a mentor and advisor to executives from global nonprofits, philanthropic foundations, Fortune 100 companies, and local and federal government agencies, I’ve helped change agents break their cycle of frustration and disappointment so that they can bring innovative ideas to life within their organizations.

And as the founder and president of CSR Communications, I’ve created the Intrapreneurs Influence Lab to give internal change leaders the knowledge, community and support they need to accelerate change within established organizations.

Curious about my education?

I have a master’s degree in public affairs from University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School, a master’s in health communication from Boston University, and a bachelor’s degree in American Studies from University of Dayton.

In my free time, I like to self-educate by reading books and listening to podcasts on race, power and privilege; influence and persuasion; psychology, anthropology and sociology; and neuroscience. I’m fascinated by how people think and what makes change happen!

Our Impact

With Nancy as my retreat planning partner for our 40+-person team, I’m confident I can hand over my vision for the day and she’ll make it happen. She’s led multiple retreats for us, each one custom designed to accomplish exactly what we needed. Thanks to Nancy’s engaging, yet firm, facilitation style, I could really participate instead of assuming responsibility for keeping us on track.

Leslie Boissiere

Vice President, External Affairs, Annie E. Casey Foundation

CSR Communications brought clarity, insight, and structure to a project (sustainability case study development) that needed it. Nancy’s stakeholder engagement resulted in greater efficiencies and increased credibility with our multiple audiences at the end.

Kate Shearer

Senior Manager, Office of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, Sodexo

My career has been spent working within large organizations… experiencing rapid growth or in turnaround situations. Nancy created an environment for testing new ideas, adjusting strategies and developing a stronger, more focused team.

Javier La Fianza

Chief Executive Officer, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership

CSR Communications’ thorough research and assessment of our competitive environment and unique contribution to clients helped us make key decisions about our future. The team is not only detail-oriented and prompt, but also flexible, helping us keep on track and on task.

Rose Khalifa

CEO, Metro Solutions

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