Nancy Murphy

Helping change leaders realize their vision with less isolation, frustration, and resistance.

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Nancy’s Story


Nancy’s spent her career saying what others are afraid to – and learning to say it in ways that others will listen.

She’s the founder and president of CSR Communications and creator of Intrapreneurs Influence Lab. Her passion is helping leaders of change within established organizations (intrapreneurs) influence and persuade others so that they can realize their vision for change faster, with less frustration and resistance.

From challenging stereotypes of girls in her Catholic school more than 40 years ago, to her first job after college convincing nonprofits to engage youth volunteers, or her role as board chair of a global nonprofit transforming the way we do international development…

…She’s experienced the challenges of leading big change within established organizations.

And she’s willing to share all the mistakes she made – and all the solutions she discovered – so that you don’t have to learn them the hard way.

Nancy’s worked in philanthropy for Steve and Jean Case’s family foundation, as a federal government program officer with the Corporation for National & Community Service, and as a global consultant for APCO Worldwide, where she designed and implemented sustainability, community engagement and philanthropic strategies for companies such as UPS and Johnson Controls, and nonprofit organizations including W.K. Kellogg Foundation and Annie E. Casey Foundation. Nancy mentors and advises executives from local governments, federal agencies, global nonprofits, foundations and Fortune 100 companies.

As a trainer and speaker, Nancy has shared her expertise from Kuala Lumpur to Kansas City and London to Las Vegas. She holds a master’s degree in public affairs from University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School, a master’s in health communication from Boston University, and a bachelor’s degree in American Studies from University of Dayton.

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Suggested Topics


  • Becoming a Credible Leader of Change
  • Three Types of Resistance to Change and How to Overcome Them
  • Three Things Every Successful Intrapreneur Needs
  • How to Lead Change That Sticks Versus Change That Stalls

Suggested Questions


  • What is intrapreneurship and how is it different from entrepreneurship?
  • Why do you focus your work on intrapreneurs?
  • What common mistakes do most intrapreneurs make and what can they do to avoid them?
  • What can leaders do to overcome resistance to change?
  • Why do you say people leading change within organizations need to operate more like Indiana Jones?

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