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“Instability is chronic; uncertainty is permanent; change is accelerating; disruption is common, and we can neither predict nor govern events. We believe there will be no ‘new normal.’ There will only be a continuous series of ‘not normal’ times.” Jim Collins, Great by Choice 

Are you ready for the “not normal” times?

Whether you’re leading change (I bet you are if you’re on this email list!) or reacting to change, or a little bit of both, old models of planning and goal-setting just aren’t relevant in today’s world.

I’ve trained many leaders in agile planning using our “Smooth Sailing in Turbulent Times” model. Amidst uncertainty, we see three responses:

  • Goals + No Plan = Drifting Aimlessly (fantasy, wasted energy)
  • Goals + Rigid Plan = Anchor (security, but dangerous in certain situations; stuck)
  • Goals + Flexible Plan = Smooth Sailing (freedom through constraints; “tacking”)
Want smooth sailing? Download our 2-page Agile Planning Framework + Principles to get started.

Do you want to learn more? Are you wondering if an Agile Planning work session would set your team up for success in 2023? Book a complimentary consult call with me and let’s explore together.

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