Obstacles, Objections and Resistance

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Obstacles. Objections. Resistance.

Obstacles show us we’re on the right path and getting closer to our goal.

Objections are gifts. They show us what others care about and give us the exact language we must incorporate in our communication.

Resistance is a necessary and helpful part of any change process. While resistance feels hard in the moment, it’s not all bad. In fact, if we learn how to work with it, resistance can make us, our ideas and our organizations stronger.

I’m writing this as much for myself this week as for you. It seems like the Universe wants to teach me this lesson over and over because maybe I haven’t really learned it. “Ok Universe! I hear you this time.” 

When we stop in the face of obstacles they often grow bigger and multiply.

When we object to objections, the objector usually digs into their position and the objections become stronger

When we resist resistance, the pushback becomes more powerful..

In all these instances we also miss opportunities to learn

What if we flipped our mindset about obstacles, objections and resistance? What if we tried an alternative to our usual response?

What if we choose to see resistance as a gift, as something that illuminates our blind spots and makes our ideas stronger?

What might be different for you as a leader, for the change you’re advocating, the future of your team or organization?

Spend a minute or two reflecting on these questions. And if you get any “a-ha’s,” I’d love to hear about them.

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