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We can all use some help, and at CSR Communications, we believe in paying it forward.  Below are some free tools that we have created to help with your change leadership journey.

Intrapreneurs Insight Series

Are you ready to shift the focus of change from proclamations and press conferences to persistent practice, from grand gestures to the small, strategic steps, sustained over time that make a real difference?

The Intrapreneurs Insight Series offers internal change leaders actionable lessons to do just that.

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Strategy Quick Start 3-2-1 - COVID-19 Edition

Feeling like your organization’s strategy needs a “do over” for today’s rapidly changing environment in the face of COVID-19?

Know that you can’t spend tons of time, energy or money to do it?

You can quick start a strategy process! It’s as simple as 3-2-1.

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Crisis as Catalyst: A Conversation Starter for Reimagining What’s Next

This tool is meant to guide discussion of the role civil society institutions play in disasters and crises. With funders—specifically foundations—as its primary audience, this conversation starter challenges us all to expand our understanding of “disaster,” rethink how to support civil society institutions during disaster response and re-imagine the role those institutions could play in strengthening civic and community health in recovery, mitigation, and preparedness.

Meeting Makeover Kit

When was the last time you heard someone say, “I love meetings!”?

My guess is, probably never. In fact, I doubt you’ve said it yourself, even about the meetings you lead.

My theory is that people don’t hate meetings. They just hate bad meetings – and, sadly, most meetings are pretty bad.

While I don’t love all meetings, I do love helping people make their meetings better.

If your meetings need a makeover, enter your email below for a free copy of our Meeting Makeover Kit.

Quarterly Momentum Maker Worksheet

I bet you’ve been down this road before . . . you set ambitious and powerful goals but then something changes — revenue goes down or key staff leave or, even worse, the status quo is just too strong.

I’ve experienced the same thing as a leader. For too many years, I helped clients set bold goals and watched them enthusiastically launch their big plans, only to end up frustrated and falling short until  I realized the difference between goal setters and goal getters.

Enter your email below for a free copy of my Quarterly Momentum Maker Worksheet, a tool built on that difference.

The Secret to Cross-Sector Partnerships

Fill out the form below to receive a free copy of our report, The Secret to Cross-Sector Partnerships That Make a Difference.

Maintain the Momentum

If you’re finally ready to keep the momentum going and realize your good intentions after your next retreat, seminar or training, sign up below to download our Maintain the Momentum PDF.

Conference Companion Pack

Are you ready to get more from your conference participation?

Download the Conference Companion Pack and maximize your conference time.

Intrapreneur’s Reading List

Here’s a quick question. Do you want to have more influence and become a more effective leader of change? I hope you said YES because I’ve got a resource to help you do just that…

My Intrapreneur’s Reading List includes a baker’s dozen books that I’ve found most useful in creating a framework for leading internal change.

Fill out the form below to download our free PDF!

Communicator’s Intent Worksheet

Are you ready to get clear on the purpose and desired outcome for your next communication effort?

Enter your email below for a free copy of the Communicator’s Intent Worksheet. It doesn’t take long to complete – and it makes a world of difference in how audiences receive and act on your message.

30-Day Challenge Tool

What we believe about ourselves and others influences how we act, how others respond to us, and the risks we take.

What if you believed something different for 30 days? What actions would you take? What results could you achieve?

Download our free 30-Day Challenge Tool and find out.

AWF was at ground zero with corporate partnerships when we first started working with CSR Communications. Nancy was brought in to do a full evaluation for potential and where we could take the program. She helped us create a very clear strategic plan for the corporate program, coalescing a clear vision across global offices, a short prospect list, and key pitches or focal target points for our program. 
Stephen Ham

(former) Director of Major Gifts, African Wildlife Foundation

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