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About Us

We help internal change leaders in social purpose organizations to influence and persuade others, so that they can realize their vision for change faster, with less frustration and resistance.

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How We Help

Using our proprietary processes for strategy development (Goal Getter), message development & communication (Mine the Essence) and board development (Board Booster) we enable social purpose leaders to get their entire organization on the same page, change minds and influence behavior, and finally break through barriers to growth.

Nancy helped a group of people with strong opinions, and different perspectives and priorities get on the same page and commit to accomplishing something together. Our first meeting was really high stakes for me. People were skeptical about the communication project and about working with an outside consultant. She not only helped address all of  their concerns, but actually got people excited and agreeing to a path forward.

Angel St. Jean

Assistant Director for Strategic Initiatives, Mayor’s Office of Employment Development (Baltimore, MD)

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