Make a Mighty Roar

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“My voice feels tiny and I’m sure so does yours. Put us all together make a mighty roar!”

I love those lines from Rising Appalachia’s song, “Resilient.”

“Resilient” is a word that got thrown around a lot in the last couple years. So much so that it lost a lot of its power and meaning.

Rising Appalachia’s song helped restore power and meaning to the word for me. The song has been near the top of my playlist again lately for a few reasons:

1. It’s uplifting and empowering. (Pay close attention to the lyrics.)

2. I admire people fortunate enough to do what they love who also have the talent to do it well. Everyone in the video (link below) exudes beauty, grace and peak performance. They just shine!

3. As a woman with 3 sisters, I love the sisterly bond of the two singers and how well their voices combine in harmony.

I encourage you to spare 4 minutes today to watch this video performance of the song – to sit and really watch it, absorbing all its wonder, power and joy. The world needs a lot more beauty these days. And we could all make more effort to “close our mouths and learn to listen.”

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