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This month I’m sharing tips and tools to overcome the “spinny,” distracted energy of seasonal change.

When you grow up in Ohio, spring means tornadoes. When the warning siren goes off, that’s your signal to head to the basement. But, not every home or building has a basement. In that case, you get to the lowest spot possible indoors (in the case of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, that’s the root cellar) or the interior-most room with fewest windows (think bathroom or closet)

If you’re outdoors with no shelter nearby when the siren goes off, then find your nearest ditch.

In other words, do the best you can with the resources available at the time.

Which brings me to this week’s tip: Operate from physiological and psychological excellence.

I don’t mean perfection or even striving for peak performance. I mean, always doing the best you can with the resources you have in the moment. No basement? Get into the closet. No shelter? Find the nearest ditch.

When you’re feeling like you can’t do anything right, are way behind or don’t even know where to start, give yourself some grace. Are you doing the best you can with the resources you have in the moment? Then that’s all you can do

And when the spinning has passed or you can carve out a few minutes to reflect, then figure out how to get more from the resources you have – or how get more resources.

One way to get more from the resources you have and learn how to find more resources is to sign up for SHIFT: The 30-Day Change Leadership Survival Kit. I created SHIFT to give people the essentials they needed to navigate constant change. Since then, hundreds of leaders (and their teams) have used it to improve their focus, productivity and effectiveness.

The survival kit is delivered via one email from me every day, Monday-Friday, for 30-days. Plus, I host two LIVE Share & Solve Sessions for all participants each month.

Each lesson takes less than 10 minutes a day and includes:

  • A 3 to 6-minute video lesson from me
  • One action item to implement
  • A reflection/journaling prompt

All the program details are available here. Or go straight to the enrollment page here and get started

SHIFT is just the thing to help you navigate, prioritize and address the problem of the hour, no matter what the rest of the year brings.

If you’d like to enroll your entire team, email me directly for special group pricing.

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