Off-Site and Retreat Design & Facilitation 

A retreat doesn’t have to set you back.

Your off-site doesn’t have to be off-putting.

Done right, they’ll advance your goals, thinking and results.

From annual board retreats and quarterly planning off-sites to crisis-triggered work sessions, CSR Communications president, Nancy Murphy, uses her retreat design and facilitation expertise to…

  • Make it possible – even desirable – to talk about the elephant in the room.
  • Ensure everyone can participate fully whether they process internally or externally, are more reserved or outgoing, feel like their voice is typically undervalued or that their perspective is the only one that matters.
  • Set the tone of any gathering (including virtual ones!) by considering all the little details that contribute to the experience.
  • Create a structured agenda with clear outcomes while excelling at adaptability and thinking on her feet when necessary to achieve what’s most important (even if unexpected).
  • Ensure leaders can participate rather than facilitate, manage interpersonal issues or diffuse unproductive conflict.
  • Summarize key themes and next steps, and structure accountability measures for action.

A good facilitator should be your retreat-planning partner, not just a glorified traffic cop the day of the event.

Busy professionals who agree to spend a day or more away from their desk want to know their time will be well spent. Nancy knows how to strike the right balance between fun and focus, allowing space to explore and still have participants walk away with a sense of accomplishment.

“Help! My boss just asked me to find a facilitator for our board retreat. And it’s next week. Are you available?”

Click here for 5 common retreat planning mistakes and Nancy’s advice for how to avoid them.

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