What if it were possible to lead big change within your organization without frustration, resistance, or isolation?

It may feel impossible to move the massive machine of your organization in a new direction, but it’s not. We can show you how.

Have you ever had your enthusiasm for change mistaken for aggression? 

Or been labeled an agitator or troublemaker, instead of the problem-solver you are? 

Do colleagues hide from you in the hallway to avoid hearing your “broken record” plea for doing things differently?

Do you feel like you’re beating your head against the wall trying to get others on board with your vision for the future?

Does it feel like you take two steps forward and one step back on your innovation journey?

Have you encountered pushback from others for advocating change in mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors?

Are you an Intrapreneur?

Intrapreneurs” are the people who lead big change within established organizations.
They are the ones turning organizations already at scale into ones that are more innovative, equitable, effective, and efficient.

Intrapreneurs are the ones who…

  • Lead change within a large, established organization.

  • Take hands-on responsibility for creating innovation of any kind, within an organization.

  • Use entrepreneurial skills to launch a new project or initiative within an organization.

  • Spend their days bucking the status quo.

Discover the missing piece that’s become a game-changer for world changers.

Let’s talk and see if the Intrapreneurs Influence Lab is right for you or your organization. Click the button below to book a time.

I’ve spent my career saying what others are afraid to – and learning to say it in ways that others will listen. 

I’m Nancy Murphy, founder and president of CSR Communications and creator of the Intrapreneurs Influence Lab.

From my Catholic school student days challenging stereotypes of girls, to my first job after college convincing nonprofits to engage youth volunteers, or my role as board chair of a global nonprofit attempting to transform the way we do international development, I’ve experienced the challenges of leading big change within established organizations. 

And, I’ve also watched many other intrapreneurs follow a pattern of getting hired to lead change; experiencing frustration, disappointment and even disillusionment, eventually quitting; only to end up in the same role in another organization and repeat the cycle. 

I believe Intrapreneurs deserve to be valued and celebrated as agents of positive change.

And, you can be just as disruptive and innovative as startup entrepreneurs.  That’s why I’ve made it my mission to serve Intrapreneurs – to teach the skills and tools that I’ve learned – and to provide a community so that you don’t feel like isolated troublemakers. So that we can bring innovative ideas and better ways of solving problems to organizations already at scale, to accelerate the pace of positive change.

Intrapreneurs are essential to solving some of the world’s most challenging problems because you leverage the infrastructure reach, experience, expertise, and financial stability of existing organizations. 

Entrepreneurs play a vital role in improving the lives of people around the world. And they’re overly glorified and celebrated as creative disruptors. But, by nature, their impact is small at first – and sometimes it never grows. They struggle with scalability and sustainability.  

Intrapreneurs represent organizations already at scale. The proof of concept is harder, but scaling it is easier and faster. I help intrapreneurs build the skills necessary to accelerate the proof of concept phase.  

With Intrapreneurs Influence Lab:

Isolated Individuals become

Influential Intrapreneurs

When intrapreneurs have the attention, support, and training they need to succeed, we all benefit. 


Because the positive impact you have on the world will come much faster. So, instead of ending world hunger or eliminating single use plastics in 30 years, it could happen in 5-7 years – or sooner. 

The public, private, and nonprofit sector intrapreneurs I know are leading change efforts right now that can:

  • Undo decades of inequity and perpetual poverty in the city of Baltimore;
  • Ensure sustainable resource use across a global Fortune 500 company and its thousands of client sites;
  • Make the U.S. the healthiest nation in one generation;
  • Transform the power imbalance in international development to ensure people living in poverty own their futures;
  • Use unified leadership of those with and without intellectual disabilities (ID) to build the best possible environment globally for people with ID to succeed.

Think about what we miss out on if they – and you – give up too soon?

Are you that person in your organization?

Let’s talk and see if the Intrapreneurs Influence Lab is right for you or your organization. Click the button below to book a time.

But, here’s the deal. I know you don’t feel like a superhero every day – heck, probably not even most days. Creating the level of momentum and change I know you’re leading takes support, coaching, and accountability to stick with it. (I know this because I’ve been in that intrapreneur role in addition to working with people just like you for the past 25 years.)

The gravitational pull of the status quo is a powerful thing. 

Not having the influence skills or ability to persuade people is what keeps most intrapreneurs frustrated and walking out the door, just when they’re about to hit a tipping point. 

It’s not your fault, most of us working within large organizations are taught that “this is the way we do things around here” and disruption is for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, NOT social change intrapreneurs.

Wouldn’t it feel great to be seen as an influential, respected leader of powerful change within your organization? Now imagine if there was a group of you inside your organization – all armed with the same upleveled skills. What could be possible then?

That’s why I created the Intrapreneurs Influence Lab. To give leaders, like you, tools and techniques for getting others to join you on the change journey.

I’ve seen (and made) the mistakes intrapreneurs make and it doesn’t have to be this way.

Let’s talk and see if the Intrapreneurs Influence Lab is right for you or your organization. Click the button below to book a time.

We usually get frustrated or defensive in the face of resistance.

⇒ Intrapreneurs Influence Lab helps you respond differently to overcome pushback.

We usually suffer from the “curse of knowledge,” forgetting what it’s like to hear your big idea, vision for change, or request to work differently for the first time.

Intrapreneurs Influence Lab shows you how to overcome that curse to help others get on board. 

We often fail to identify, call out, and address the “artifacts” that tell people we really value the old ways of doing things.

⇒ Intrapreneurs Influence Lab teaches you how to create new artifacts aligned with your vision for change. 

We tend to start with, “Here’s what I need from you.”

⇒ Intrapreneurs Influence Lab teaches you a better starting point for getting what you need from others. 

What could be possible if you stopped believing there was nothing you could do to overcome the gravitational pull of the status quo?

⇒ This is exactly what you’ll learn through the Intrapreneurs Influence Lab.

By changing how you lead change, you’ll stop the pushback and start moving forward.

The Intrapreneurs Influence Lab accepts applications twice a year for individual participants as part of our open cohort program. We also offer in-house cohorts for groups of 10-15 people within organizations, companies, associations, or other networks working toward a common goal – such as adopting more sustainable business practices, shifting power dynamics across global anti-hunger organizations, or redesigning a city-wide workforce development system.

What happens as a result? 

  • You feel a renewed sense of commitment to the vision for change and the work it will take to realize it. 
  • Infrastructure, reach, experience, expertise, and financial resources of your organization in high alignment with what works to achieve the collective desired change. 
  • Accelerated progress in realizing your desired change as a result of the collective influence of you and your fellow participants.  
  • You see yourself as the capable change agent and the unsung hero you are.
Angel St. Jean

Assistant Director for Strategic Initiatives, Mayor’s Office of Employment Development (Baltimore, MD)

I didn’t even know I was an intrapreneur until Nancy helped me see myself as one. I’ve learned that all the strategy and tactics in the world don’t make a difference if you can’t get others on board with the broader vision and build alliances with the skeptics. Leading big change hasn’t been easy, but Nancy has been there every step of the way with advice, tools, ideas and an empathetic ear.

What you’ll learn:

  • Your default influence style and how to strengthen it. 
  • Three ways to build trust and establish credibility as a leader.
  • Three types of resistance to change and how to overcome them. 
  • The skill of “perspective taking” to help illuminate blind spots and become a better communicator. 
  • How to discover others’ fears, objections, motivations, dreams, and desires – and then frame requests that speak directly to them. 
  • The key to collective action. 
  • The antidote to cognitive biases. 
  • Where to focus time, attention, and energy for the greatest results.
Javier La Fianza

Chief Executive Officer, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership

The Intrapreneurs Influence Lab did so much more than show me I was not alone.  My career has been spent working within large organizations, particularly those experiencing rapid growth or in turnaround situations. Nancy created an environment for testing new ideas, adjusting strategies and developing a stronger, more focused team. I’m a better leader, and our organization is better, because of the Intrapreneurs Influence Lab.

 How Is It Delivered?

  • Intense skill-building, training, implementation support, ongoing coaching, and learning to accelerate that proof of concept phase and get others on board.
  • Quarterly in-person gatherings/trainings to connect with fellow intrapreneurs, re-energize, and learn.
  • Monthly 90-minute training and strategy Zoom sessions for real-time problem-solving and collective action.
  • Ongoing virtual learning through online training modules.
  • Lab Kit (set of 15 tools to support your implementation).
  • Carefully selected books + Nancy’s Nuggets for each, giving you the key highlights and application tips.
  • Intrapreneurs Reading List, meaning I’ve done all the curation for those who want to dive deeper into the content.
  • A community of other intrapreneurs to help you stay motivated and inspired, even when things get really tough.
Olga Yakimakho

Director, Leadership and Organizational Development, Special Olympics International

Participating in the Intrapreneurs Influence Lab created so many ‘a-ha’ moments for me and provided the tools for me to act on that insight. Nancy elicited from me the ‘why’ behind my work. She helped me reconnect with the reason I originally came to work for Special Olympics and that story’s role in my approach to leadership. By getting clearer on my personal change story, I can enroll others more effectively in the vision for organizational change.

Why the Intrapreneurs Influence Lab is different…

Most typical leadership programs…

  • Focus on micro change (when “I” must change) or organizational change (when “we” must change).
  • Use traditional leadership texts and curriculum only.
  • Train individuals to advance in their careers or contribute to company/organizational goals.
  • Lean heavily on theory or case studies and scenarios from other organizations.
  • Put management at the center.
  • Teach change management or how to “install” change.

Intrapreneurs Influence Lab…

  • Focuses on macro change (when “everyone” must change).
  • Uses a multi-disciplinary approach, bringing lessons from sociology, anthropology, neuroscience, communication and marketing, psychology, and more.
  • Supports the individual leader, and creates a ripple effect inside their organization and throughout the system.
  • Provides practical tools to help intrapreneurs solve the problems they face every day; prefers participants to bring their own “case studies” to the group.
  • Puts influence and persuasion at the center, exploring assumptions & beliefs, mindsets & attitudes, “artifacts,” and processes & systems to change behavior.
  • Supports intrapreneurs to become the change and realize change.

You don’t have to start your own nonprofit or social enterprise to make a difference. In fact, leading change within established organizations is more likely to change the world – and you can be a “hero” in that role too. 

Just because people think large organizations are slow, bureaucratic, and hard to change doesn’t mean it has to be true.


Don’t let the naysayers wear you down! 

You are NOT alone!

This is your chance to:

Feel motivated and inspired again.

Persuade coworkers to try something new.

Boost others’ respect for you.

Overcome the “that-will-never-work” crowd of naysayers.

Discover the missing piece that’s become a game changer for world changers. 

Let’s talk and see if the Intrapreneurs Influence Lab is right for you or your organization. Click the button below to book a time.

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