Mine the Essence

Message Development & Communication Strategy

Is your message too complex? Or, too simple, missing key details?

Mine the essence for elegant, effective communication that gets the results you desire.

What Mine the Essence Does for You

Open minds to your message.

We start with your audiences’ dreams, desires, fears and motivations –what they want to hear vs. what you want to say.

Collaborate and co-create.

Your expertise pairs with ours. We polish your rough ideas, teaching and training along the way so that communication experts and novices alike learn something new.

Clarity leads to action.

We keep digging until we get to the essence of your message.

Proven, practical strategy.

We develop strategy grounded in influence and persuasion theory, coupled with a practical, applied lens, to inspire action and get results.

The Mine the Essence Process


Step 1

Smart Start to get clear on roles, responsibilities, timeline and definition of success


Step 2

Survey the Landscape to understand what else is competing with your message for your audiences’ attention


Step 3

Sift, Sort & Polish to create, test and refine your messages


Step 4

Go to Market gives you what you need to start communicating effectively

Case Study: Annie E. Casey Foundation

For three years, Annie E. Casey Foundation incubated and fully funded an initiative, Expanding the Bench, to grow the number of social sector evaluators from under-represented communities. Internal changes required that they spin off the initiative sooner than planned –and do so responsibly, setting the project up for a stable and sustainable future.

Using our proprietary Mine the Essence Message Development process, CSR Communications developed a communication strategy, including message framework, for the transition of Expanding the Bench from a Casey Foundation-owned to a philanthropic field-owned initiative. We also developed and supported implementation of a fundraising plan, helping Casey Foundation reach its year one fundraising goal in nine months.

Kantahyanee Murray, Ph.D.

Senior Research Associate, Annie E. Casey Foundation

CSR Communications is extremely knowledgeable about their craft and the nonprofit sector. They offered tools, talking points, and techniques that helped dispel myths and connect more clearly with our constituents. We felt well-prepared for communication with funders and stakeholders. They were equal parts directive (when needed) and flexible. Not only did we accomplish the goals we’d set forth, but we also learned so much. It was a capacity-building opportunity for us.

What Our Clients Say…

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