Calling All Unsung Heroes!


I’m looking for unsung heroes. You know the ones (you probably are one!). The challenger of the status quo, pusher of giant rock up steep hill, not afraid to beat your head against wall day after day, innovator with a vision (that others just don’t seem to get), willing to take risks (even though others often want to pull you back), problem solver (who sometimes gets branded as “troublemaker”) . . . called to lead significant change.

If this sounds like you, then you’re someone I consider an unsung hero. And I think it’s about time you get a shout-out for a change.

But here’s the thing. I know you don’t feel like a super hero every day – heck, probably not even most days. Creating the level of momentum and change I know you’re leading, takes support, coaching and accountability to stick with it. (I know this because I’ve been in that role in addition to working with people just like you for the past 25 years.)

That’s why I’m excited to announce a pilot program called the Intrapreneurs Influence Lab, designed for professionals like you.

What’s an “intrapreneur?” They’re the people who lead massive change inside existing organizations, rather than starting new organizations to address social challenges. They are the ones turning organizations already at scale into ones more innovative, effective and efficient.

This program has already generated so much excitement – and it’s why there are only a few slots left.

The Influence Lab is a 10-month deep-dive, immersion coaching and training experience that gives you:

  • direct one-on-one coaching with me,
  •  access to a community of fellow intrapreneurs,
  • an online training curriculum curated from my most transformational tools and lessons,
  •  and lots more.

I’m limiting the pilot group to 15 for maximum participation, exchange and benefit. And it’s already filling up. We launch February 23-24 with an in-person gathering in the Washington, D.C. area. So we’ll close sign ups on Feb 16 (or sooner if all the slots are full).

To ensure the most dynamic and engaged group possible, I accept participants by application only. Click here to answer a few questions (I promise, it’s pretty simple) and then we’ll schedule time to hop on the phone. I personally interview every applicant to make sure it’s a good match.

It’s time to move from resistance to results!

What will you get out of this program?

  • The secret to getting others to do what you want (hint: it doesn’t have to do with the “others”)
  • Ways to overcome the 3 most common types of resistance to change
  • Clear, compelling description for the better future you want to create (and that others want to help you create)
  • Increased confidence and influence (that others notice!)
  • And much more

Ready to realize those results? Changing the world is hard enough . . . and now you have to change your organization too!?!? But, you don’t have to do it alone. Join fellow change agents in the Intrapreneurs Influence Lab. Click here to apply.

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