Solution Sector


The Solution Sector Defined

When companies, nonprofits and governments come together to solve problems – and draw on each partner’s full range of resources and assets – everyone benefits: profits increase, long-term missions are realized, and citizens are served.

Such cross-sector collaborators make up what we call “the Solution Sector.” Our mission is to support and expand this sector, as we believe it holds the key to solving today’s societal and environmental challenges most effectively and efficiently.

To Address the World’s Woes

The Solution Sector levels the playing field and ups everyone’s game. Cooperation trumps silos. Sharing knowledge to achieve common goals bests competition or jockeying for limelight. Pooling resources and assets overrides assumptions or skepticism based on an organizations’ tax status. The Solution Sector’s potential impact is almost unimaginable.

The Solution Sector’s potential impact is almost unimaginable. Pooling resources and assets in ways that override assumptions or skepticism based on an organization’s tax status. Cooperation trumps silos. Sharing knowledge to achieve common goals bests competition or jockeying for limelight.

We know it works: From the global Sustainable Development Goals to neighborhood improvement, we see examples of cross-sector collaboration getting the job done.

It’s time to scale: The idea that no single sector can solve persistent social problems is not new. Think strategic philanthropy, public-private partnerships, corporate social responsibility and, more recently, shared value.

Cross Sector Endeavors

Yet to tackle truly massive problems, we need a fundamental shift in how most leaders approach cross-sector endeavors. To get the results we need, at scale, we must address the power dynamics and skepticism that often get in the way.

 That’s where CSR Communications can help.




Hint: It starts with you, not the others.

1. UNDERSTAND PSYCHOGRAPHICS OF (POTENTIAL) PARTNERS. Imagine diplomats negotiating a peace accord without understanding the perspective, cultural norms, needs and fears of each country represented. Similarly, Solution Sector leaders must understand and consider the motivations and attitudes of partners.

Resource: Click here for a 2016 CSR Communications research report that maps the four different segments of cross-sector partners.

2. BECOME A BETTER INFLUENCER. In our research, 25% of leaders indicate that their personal views on partnerships differ from those of their organization. We provide individual early adopters with tools and techniques for getting others to join you on the change journey.

Resource: Click here for details on our Intrapreneurs Influence Lab, a year-long training & coaching program to help internal change agents overcome defenders of the status quo and realize the change you’re being called to lead.

3. BE A BETTER PARTNER. With our Transforming Organizations and Transforming Teams services, we support and strengthen organizations so that they are better partners – able to navigate power dynamics, change them, and deliver results.

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