If you’re leading any size team or organization (heck, even just yourself) right now, then you’re leading change.

Whether you signed up for that or not. Whether you feel prepared or not. Whether you have the skills and tools or not. Whether you like it. Or not.

And you’re probably feeling overwhelmed and underprepared. You’re not alone. And you don’t have to figure it out alone.

We’ve got your 30-day survival kit, called SHIFT.

 It’s based on the one thing we can control – the shift we choose to make in ourselves when the whole world feels out of control.

Specifically, by the time you’ve completed this 30-day kit, you’ll have:

  • More focus and less distraction
  • Ways to overcome resistance and pushback to change
  • Clarity on where to put time, energy and attention for the best results
  • More folks on board with your vision for the future

You’ll gain the confidence to be the leader your team needs and tips to navigate constant change.


SHIFT takes elements from our Intrapreneurs Influence Lab and sends one to your inbox each morning, Monday thru Friday for 30 days. All you do is open, watch a short video, and reflect on the journal prompt. Then apply what you learn.

By the time you’ve finished your first cup of coffee, you’ll have insight and action steps for the day.

Plus, you’ll get access to two Live 45-min Share and Solve Sessions with Nancy. Hop on Zoom with your fellow SHIFT students and:

  • Share insight from lessons to date
  • Tell us what you applied or tried and how it went
  • Ask Nancy anything! Got a question about one of the lessons or a challenge you want to talk through? Bring it.
Jason Perkins-Cohen

Director, Mayor’s Office of Employment Development (Baltimore)

Going through this program as a management team was incredibly helpful. It gives us a common language we can reference and helps us hold each other accountable for applying the lessons. SHIFT lessons aren’t just a nice to do each day, they’re absolutely necessary. They’ve influenced how we work across the agency, resulting in more openness and effectiveness.

This program is not one more thing to add to your to-do list.

It’s not meant to be guilt-inducing content taunting you every morning from your inbox or haunting you throughout the day as more and more pile up unopened.

Ann Utterback

Board Chair, JF Maddox Foundation

The SHIFT lessons are just the right length and there’s always a morsel I can use in my day. I want to watch them over and over and over. SHIFT isn’t a nonprofit-only program. It’s not even a work-only program. Every leader, team, organization and family will benefit from it.

This is a survival kit – which means everything is practical, serves multiple purposes, solves problems you’re facing right now, and builds skills that will serve you well anytime.

The survival pack is delivered via one email every day, Monday thru Friday, for 30-days, starting the first Tuesday following your enrollment. 

Each email includes:

  • A VERY short video message from Nancy
  • One action item to implement or practice that day
  • A reflection/journaling prompt

So just to review, your 30-Day Survival Kit includes:

  • 24 video lessons
  • Daily journal prompts
  • Daily action items
  • Two LIVE Share & Solve Sessions
  • PLUS four downloadable tools to support your action items

All this for a one-time investment of $497.

You’re leading change, but you don’t have to go it alone.

Enroll in SHIFT and lead through change with more confidence and less confusion.

Olga Yakimakho

Director, Leadership & Organizational Development, Special Olympics International

The cadence and content of SHIFT offered the perfect pandemic adjustment to our Global Leadership Academy curriculum. The program gave us a very cost-effective way to continually engage leaders in learning over an entire month. Typically, leaders go to a one- or two-day course, come back to the office and fail to put new knowledge into practice due to hectic routines or old habits. SHIFT allowed leaders to learn in the same environment where they work every day (home or office) and then extend and reinforce learning with colleagues. SHIFT was well worth the investment.

John Lair

President & CEO, Special Olympics Kansas

When I first learned I’d been enrolled in SHIFT, I thought there’s no way I’ve got time for this. Then I realized there’s no way I couldn’t make time for it. Because of the daily lessons and reflection built into SHIFT, I identified specific ways to improve our programs, what’s next for Special Olympics Kansas and what we want to become in the future. I barely made time to breathe in the last four years, but I’m scheduling reflection time on the calendar going forward.

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