Intrapreneurs Influence Lab

What is the Lab?


The Influence Lab is a virtual learning and experimentation program for internal change agents (aka, “intrapreneurs”).

Leaders turn to the Lab to…

  • Achieve progress that sticks.
  • Move from talk to action.
  • Accelerate adoption of new practices, policies, ways of working and mindsets.

The Lab is built on the fundamental understanding that when it comes to transformational change, policies and dedicated resources are necessary, but not sufficient.

Leaders must also address assumptions and beliefs to change hearts and minds. Empathy is key to changing hearts and minds. And empathy is not triggered by a statistic. It’s all about influence.

Why a “Lab?”

This program isn’t theoretical. It’s practical and designed to get you using the tools, tips and techniques immediately.

We chose the concept of a “lab” to encourage leaders to test things, learn, iterate, adapt and try again. When it comes to leading change, the work isn’t linear or predictable. We need the experimenter’s mindset to succeed.

Angel St. Jean

CEO, The Black Brain Trust

I didn’t even know I was an intrapreneur until Nancy helped me see myself as one. I’ve learned that all the strategy and tactics in the world don’t make a difference if you can’t get others on board with the broader vision and build alliances with the skeptics. Leading big change hasn’t been easy, but Nancy has been there every step of the way with advice, tools, ideas and an empathetic ear.

What’s an “intrapreneur”?

Intrapreneurs are the people who lead big change within established organizations. They’re the ones turning organizations already at scale into ones that are more innovative, diverse, equitable, effective, sustainable, and inclusive.

If you spend your days bucking the status quo, ever had your enthusiasm for change mistaken for aggression, been labeled an agitator or troublemaker (instead of the problem-solver you are) or encountered pushback and resistance from others for advocating change in mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors, then you’re likely an intrapreneur.

Who is the Lab for?

The Lab is for anyone leading significant change within their organization, industry, or system. Typically, these are senior leaders and executives. Previous participants have had titles such as: Executive Director, CEO, CFO, Chief of Staff, Board Chair, Director of Sustainability, DEI Director, Vice President of Communications, and Chief Wellbeing Officer. Lab participants include leaders from philanthropy, industry, nonprofit organizations and government. When it comes to leading change, there’s more commonality than difference among the sectors. And, where there is difference, participants value learning from each other’s experience.

Jason Perkins-Cohen

Director, Mayor's Office of Employment Development (Baltimore)

At first I wasn’t sure we’d all show up for the Lab every week, but my leadership team fully embraced the experience. It’s helped us deepen our commitment and learn more about each other. Leading change is hard, but the Influence Lab helped us climb the mountain together with more confidence.

Discover the missing piece that’s become a game-changer for world changers.

Let’s talk and see if the Intrapreneurs Influence Lab is right for you or your team. Click the button below to book a time.

 What results should I expect?

By the end of the program,

  • You’ll respond differently to resistance and know how to use it to your advantage
  • You’ll understand a more effective starting point for getting what you need from others.
  • Your communication will be more effective in producing the actions and behaviors you desire.
  • Your organization will have new “artifacts” in place aligned with the change you’re leading.
  • You’ll feel a renewed sense of commitment to the vision for change and the work it will take to realize it.
  • You’ll see yourself as the capable change agent and the unsung hero you are.
  • Your organization’s infrastructure, reach, experience, expertise, and financial resources will be in high alignment with the desired change.
  • Your organization will achieve its next big initiative and rapidly grow its impact.
Ann Utterback

Board Chair, JF Maddox Foundation

The Lab gave me practical tips I could use immediately in my role leading organizational change. Going through this experience with others helped me feel less alone on this challenging journey. I definitely recommend this program for leaders looking to improve their communication and influence skills, learn how to overcome resistance to change and generally be more effective.

What time commitment is required?

On average, participants invest 1-2 hours a week. And they’ll tell you that this investment easily saves them double that time in solving problems and effectiveness.

You’ll have access to a wealth of tools and techniques available via our online platform, MemberVault. Each lesson includes a 10-20-minute video, along with an action item or two. You’ll have access to everything immediately, and depending on your needs, Nancy will formulate a lesson track for you that is most relevant to your current situation at any given time.

Also each week, Nancy Murphy hosts a virtual hour-long Q&A session via Zoom. In these sessions, she adds nuance to lessons, answers any clarifying questions and then we dive into whatever challenges participants want assistance to solve.

What’s included in the Lab?

Your investment includes: 


  • 25 online video lessons
  • Five recorded Expert Interviews with experienced intrapreneurs
  • Two one-on-one coaching sessions with Nancy Murphy
  • Weekly Group Q&A sessions with Nancy Murphy
  • A Lab Kit of 10+ tools and worksheets to use in your change leadership work
  • Supplemental reading/listening list to dig deeper into key topics
  • A full year of access to the program content

Let’s talk and see if the Intrapreneurs Influence Lab is right for you or your team. Click the button below to book a time.

How is the Lab structured?

The Lab is a place for support, learning and exploration. You’ll have access to a full suite of content online + weekly Q&A sessions with your fellow intrapreneurs for real-time problem-solving, clarification on video lessons and re-energizing.

Within the program content, you’ll find topics such as:


  • Becoming a credible leader of change
  • Establishing trust
  • Confidence


  • The benefits of resistance
  • 3 common types of resistance & how to overcome them

How Our Brains Make Change Hard

  • 5 psychological triggers
  • Influence style
  • Perspective-taking

Stakeholder Mapping

  • Who, what, when, why and how


  • Pre-suasion and persuasion
  • Messaging
  • Storytelling


  • Change frameworks
  • Why commitment matters
  • How to secure and sustain commitment

In addition, you have 2 one-on-one coaching sessions with Nancy Murphy, scheduled as needed, and online access to a Lab Kit (a set of 10+ tools to support your implementation).

Please note there is a minimum of 5 participants from your organization for enrollment in your private group.

How is the Lab different from other leadership programs?

Most other leadership programs…

  • Focus on micro change (when “I” must change) or organizational change (when “we” must change).
  • Use traditional leadership texts and curriculum only.
  • Train individuals to advance in their careers or contribute to company/organizational goals.
  • Lean heavily on theory or case studies and scenarios from other organizations.
  • Put management at the center.
  • Teach change management or how to “install” change.

The Lab, instead…

  • Focuses on macro change (when “everyone” must change).
  • Uses a multi-disciplinary approach, bringing lessons from sociology, anthropology, neuroscience, communication and marketing, psychology, and more.
  • Supports the individual leader, and creates a ripple effect inside their organization and throughout the system.
  • Provides practical tools to help intrapreneurs solve the problems they face every day; prefers participants to bring their own “case studies” to the group.
  • Puts influence and persuasion at the center, exploring assumptions & beliefs, mindsets & attitudes, “artifacts,” and processes & systems to change behavior.
  • Supports intrapreneurs to become the change and realize change.

This program is all about leading change better and faster immediately. It’s not about helping you become a better leader eventually, at some distant point down the road.

Let’s talk and see if the Intrapreneurs Influence Lab is right for you or your team. Click the button below to book a time.

Meet Nancy

I’ve spent my career saying what others are afraid to – and learning to say it in ways that others will listen.

I’m Nancy Murphy, founder and president of CSR Communications and creator of the Intrapreneurs Influence Lab.

From my Catholic school student days challenging stereotypes of girls, to my first job after college convincing nonprofits to engage youth volunteers, or my role as board chair of a global nonprofit attempting to transform the way we do international development, I’ve experienced the challenges of leading big change within established organizations.

And, I’ve also watched many other intrapreneurs follow a pattern of getting hired to lead change; experiencing frustration, disappointment and even disillusionment, eventually quitting; only to end up in the same role in another organization and repeat the cycle.

I believe Intrapreneurs deserve to be valued and celebrated as agents of positive change.

And, you can be just as disruptive and innovative as startup entrepreneurs.  That’s why I’ve made it my mission to serve Intrapreneurs – to teach the skills and tools that I’ve learned – and to provide a community so that you don’t feel like isolated troublemakers. So that we can bring innovative ideas and better ways of solving problems to organizations already at scale, to accelerate the pace of positive change.
Javier La Fianza

Chief Executive Officer, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership

I’ve spent my career working within large organizations, particularly those experiencing rapid growth or in turnaround situations. With the Lab, I had an environment for testing new ideas, adjusting strategies and developing a stronger, more focused team. I’m a better leader, and our organization is better, because of the Intrapreneurs Influence Lab.

Discover the missing piece that’s become a game changer for world changers. 

Let’s talk and see if the Intrapreneurs Influence Lab is right for you or your team. Click the button below to book a time.

Olga Yakimakho

Director, Leadership and Organizational Development, Special Olympics International

Participating in the Intrapreneurs Influence Lab created so many ‘a-ha’ moments for me and provided the tools for me to act on that insight. Nancy elicited from me the ‘why’ behind my work. She helped me reconnect with the reason I originally came to work for Special Olympics and that story’s role in my approach to leadership. By getting clearer on my personal change story, I can enroll others more effectively in the vision for organizational change.

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