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Where attention goes, energy flows

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Where attention goes, energy flows.

How will you balance the focus of your energy and attention this week?

How much will you invest in the big, powerful questions even though the exploration may not produce an immediate result? Will you be tempted to spend all your time responding to your “growling stomach,” meeting the immediate, urgent needs in front of you?

Both are necessary, but often we default to the easy wins and loudest demands. What do we, our team and our organization lose out on when we choose the default? What example do we set for those around us when we jump from urgent need to squeakiest wheel to bright, shiny object?

What if this week were one of intentional choices, better balance and future-oriented projects? What could be possible?
If you need some help framing your big, powerful questions; identifying those things you might say, “not now” or “no” to; or understanding which actions deliver the most progress toward your goals, book a 30-minute complimentary consult with us here.

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