What’s your word for 2015?


I’m a goal-oriented person. Even as a kid I made New Year’s resolutions. Many I kept; many I didn’t. This year I decided instead of writing resolutions to set a New Year’s intention. To define my intention, I’ve chosen a word for the year. My word is “release” – to let go of people, emotions, expectations, judgments and things that no longer serve me well or that get in the way of my having a positive impact in the world. I intend to get rid of clutter – physically, digitally and mentally.

One fear I’ve decided to release in 2015 is that of sharing more personal insight and feelings publicly – like in this post. Generally, I’m hesitant to blend my personal and professional worlds so with this post I’m taking a step closer to that as well.

2014 brought a lot of change for me – actually – the past six or seven years have held more change than stability. To me, change itself isn’t a negative. I often embrace change, but sometimes too much change can leave me feeling unsettled and, therefore, inclined to hold onto things longer than I should in an attempt to create stability. So, I’m overdue for some release and for 2015 that will be where I put my energy.

Now that I have my intention for the year, I’m also working on what it will look like and what it will mean when I realize it. What goals will flow from that intention? What will find its way into my life now that I’ve created space for it? How might my business flourish when I’m no longer afraid of that success? It’s an interesting way to approach the year and just a few days into 2015 I’m already finding it helpful.

What’s your word for 2015?

Happy New Year!

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