I know you’re driving change inside your organization, company, community or industry, and I bet you feel frustrated more than you’d like.

I’ve been there too. And so have many of the leaders I work with.

Here’s what they tell me about their experiences.

“I know there are people in my agency who think they can just wait me out. They believe they won’t have to adapt to the new strategy because I’ll get frustrated and leave first.”

“I’m surrounded by Eeyores! You know that character from Winnie-the-Pooh? My team loves to imagine all the ways pursuing our bold vision will lead to absolute failure. What if we lose our biggest funders? What if we can’t get enough volunteers to make this happen? Schools will never pay for that many kids to attend our program. Just once I’d like to hear why this plan will work instead of why it won’t.”

“She sits in my office and says she’s on board with the new ways of engaging colleagues in sustainability efforts across the company. Then she walks out the door and does the exact opposite of what we’ve agreed.

Sound familiar?

If so then, I’ve got the perfect gift for you:

A FREE 3-part webinar series on resistance to change.

I think this series is a great fit for you, but take a look at what I’ll share so that you can see for yourself:

  • The major shift that will change how you feel about resistance going forward
  • The three types of resistance to change most leaders face
  • And at least one thing you can do to overcome each

My intention with this series is to:

  • Boost your confidence to lead change within your organization
  • Help you shift from confusion and frustration to clarity
  • Stop you from feeling like you’re beating your head against the same wall over and over
Each event is only 30 minutes long and you’ll walk away with at least one action item each time.


The first event is Thursday, March 12, so claim your spot today.

I hope you’ll accept this gift from me and click below to lock in your space for the webinars. I look forward to seeing you on March 12!

P.S. Do you know someone else who’d enjoy receiving this gift? Feel free to share the invitation.

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