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Happy Birthday!

OK, I don’t really know if it’s your birthday today. Odds are, it isn’t. But since we’re about halfway through the year, I encourage you to think about today as a “birthday” of sorts… an opportunity to review, reset and renew for the next six months. And let’s face...

Who says playing is just for kids?

Five years ago, I dropped New Year’s Resolutions and adopted a Word of the Year (WOTY) instead. I wrote about my WOTY in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. For 2020, I’m all about “play.” If previous years are any indication, this word will inform my decisions and actions...

5 Signs Your Meetings Need a Makeover

When was the last time you heard someone say, “I love meetings!”? My guess is, probably never. In fact, I doubt you’ve said it yourself, even about the meetings you lead. My theory is that people don’t hate meetings. They just hate bad meetings – and, sadly, most...

My Three Takeaways from GreenBiz19

GreenBiz19 wrapped up yesterday. It was a great opportunity escape DC’s snowier-than-usual winter for a few days and connect with likeminded folks from across the country (and a few from around the world). There was the usual emphasis on...

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My 50-Year Search for Harmony

Assassinations. War. Protests. Burning cities. Racism. Uncertainty. Unrest. Anxiety. As Susan Stamberg put it in an NPR story earlier this year, “The spring of 1968 felt like a national nervous breakdown.” Yep. This was the world I was born into in...

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Calling All Unsung Heroes!

I'm looking for unsung heroes. You know the ones (you probably are one!). The challenger of the status quo, pusher of giant rock up steep hill, not afraid to beat your head against wall day after day, innovator with a vision (that others just don’t...

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Who here is trying to change companies?

A panel moderator posed that question to me, my fellow panelists and others at a recent conference on sustainability. He then looked right at me and said, “Nancy, that’s what you do, right? Change companies for a living?” I was so taken aback that...

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To get clear, get curious first.

I’ve often described the last 10 years of my life as “the decade of personal development for Nancy Murphy.” Some of that personal growth resulted from intentional action – a Sufi retreat in the Sahara Desert, workshops on mindfulness, obsessive...

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White is beautiful. Black is too.

Actually, every color is beautiful. But let me tell you why I chose the title I did for this article. Last November the Pact board of directors, which I chair, held our meeting in Zambia. Part of our meeting included visiting villages where Pact...

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