Transforming Organizations

CSR Communications helps organizations adapt to or create change through strategy development, implementation planning, board development, re-branding and internal communication. We work with leaders and organizations facing a significant transition or transformation, such as:

  • increased or different competition;
  • shrinking or expanding resources;
  • a desire for significant growth;
  • declining customer or membership base;
  • merger or acquisition;
  • a new CEO or board chair;
  • policy or regulatory shifts.

Transforming Teams

CSR Communications fosters team growth and improvement in the context of organizational change. Did your organization recently complete a strategic planning process? We can help determine where your team fits in the picture or how it can best contribute to the new organizational goals. Or perhaps your team feels stuck or needs a re-energized purpose. Whether your team is newly formed or long-standing, we can help maximize its potential through dynamic, focused strategy sessions, retreats, work sessions and other activities.

Communicate for Impact

Clear, compelling, effective communication is key for any organization to achieve impact. CSR Communications conducts messaging workshops to reframe how you define and describe your organization’s impact. We can develop and implement communication programs targeted to internal or external stakeholders, including board, staff, donors, customers, members and/or policymakers.

Live the Brand: Culture & Message Alignment

Whether an organization recently re-branded or hasn’t rebranded in years, often times organizational culture, structure and incentives aren’t completely aligned with brand values and messaging. Perhaps your organization recently launched a new, aspirational brand and wants help bringing the culture and operation of the organization in line to realize those aspirations. Or maybe after decades in business your programs, marketing messages or operations have drifted from your original brand promise and core values. Do new staff understand your brand and how to live it in their daily work? CSR Communications conducts assessments of organizational alignment with the brand, identifies gaps and recommends strategies for closing them. We provide tools and training to engage staff in living your organization’s brand.

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