I bet you’ve been down this road before . . . you set ambitious and powerful goals for organizational growth, expanded reach, big change you want to drive in the world, but then something changes — revenue goes down or key staff leave or, even worse, pursuing those goals just gets hard because people need to change the way they work and the gravitational pull of the status quo is just too strong.

I’ve experienced the same thing as a leader. And for too many years, I helped clients set bold goals and watched them enthusiastically launch their big plans, only to end up frustrated and falling short.

Then I realized the difference between goal setters and goal getters. Enter your email below for a free copy of my Quarterly Momentum Maker Worksheet, just one of the tools built on that difference.

Goal Getter is our strategy development process that helps clients:

  • Get clear on the underlying reasons for the gap between current reality and desired future
  • Prioritize actions based on the power of that clarity
  • Consistently do the small and seemingly ordinary things, over time, for extraordinary results.

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