Feeling like your organization’s strategy needs a “do over” for today’s rapidly changing environment?

Know that you can’t spend tons of time, energy or money to do it?

You can quick start a strategy process! It’s as simple as 3-2-1.

Three questions to consider.

Two exercises to engage staff and/or board members.

One big bet to place.

Download CSR Communications’ free “Strategy Quick Start Kit” and get started now.

If your team completed a strategic planning exercise longer than six months ago, you might sense that your plans are no longer relevant or that you at least need to revisit them given recent world events.

Are your financial contributions up significantly and you want to make sure you invest those resources wisely? Or do you anticipate declining resources and need to make hard choices about the future? Are your stakeholders or board members demanding you increase your advocacy efforts or seize some new opportunity?

The Strategy Quick Start Kit can help you act responsibly, strategically – and quickly.

If there’s just no time or appetite for a lengthy, involved or expensive strategy development process, download the “Strategy Quick Start Kit” and get started now.

Want to go beyond quick start? Need someone to facilitate a few work sessions with your team? Don’t want to DIY your strategy process?

Contact us and let’s find a time to talk about our services for transforming organizations and teams.

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