Assassinations. War. Protests. Burning cities. Racism. Uncertainty. Unrest. Anxiety.

As Susan Stamberg put it in an NPR story earlier this year, “The spring of 1968 felt like a national nervous breakdown.”

Yep. This was the world I was born into in June 1968.

And I guess when you’re born into discord you spend your entire life searching for harmony.

I don’t know what it was like for my 19-year old mother to be pregnant and then give birth to her first child amid a national nervous breakdown. And, oddly, [keep reading]

What I’m Listening To . . .

Krista Tippett’s interview with Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) – the unedited version. In this episode of Tippett’s weekly show, On Being, Sen. Booker describes the morning practices that set the tone for his day, why he says he loves Donald Trump (trust me – it makes sense) and what actions we all can take to cause positive social change. If you don’t already love this man, you will after listening to this podcast.

What I’m Celebrating . . .

The 100+ finance, accounting, legal and HR professionals who attended my workshop at Humentum’s annual conference.

A couple weeks ago I shared my secrets for effective internal communication with a packed house of international NGO leaders. I love that these leaders – whose primary responsibilities are finance, accounting, legal and HR – chose this session among MANY available to them because they want to inspire their teams – well, really, they want what we all want . . . people to open our emails, care about the information we share, adopt new behaviors, follow new policies or complete required training. 😊 It was a super engaged group and we had lots of fun.

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