Goal Getter

Strategy Development for Teams & Organizations

Lots of organizations are goal setters.
Few are goal getters.

Be a Goal Getter.

Why Goal Getter is Different

Clarity about present reality is rare.

You can’t get to Point B unless you’re clear on Point A and the underlying reasons for the gap between the two.

Clarity equals power. Power is the ability to act.

We help you set clear goals and articulate what it looks like when you’ve achieved them.

Ordinary things, consistently done, produce extraordinary results.

We provide tools to support implementation and re-alignment sessions that help you re-commit or pivot, as necessary.

Goal Getter Strategy Development Process


Smart Start

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Define success
  • Agree on timeline, roles, responsibilities
  • Current state & desired future gaps
  • List of inputs needed

Context Capture

  • Trends, peer-competitor analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Materials review
  • Stakeholder input
  • Craft Strategic Questions

Map It

  • Goal-setting
  • Develop strategies & high-level tactics
  • Review & map current work
  • 12-mos priorities
  • Early Wins
  • Board or leadership approval

Make It Real

  • Implementation plan framework
  • Roll-out priorities (for sharing plan with external stakeholders)
  • Tools for ensuring success
  • Two check-in/re-alignment sessions



SWOT Analysis

Mind the Gap Assessment

Trends Summary

Draft strategic plan for Board/ Leadership review


Working Version of Strategic Plan


Support Tools for Effective Implementation

Roll-out Priorities

Recent Strategy Development Clients

Success Story: Metro Solutions

Metro Solutions, a nonprofit fiscal intermediary serving Southeastern Michigan, faced a changing competitive landscape and over-reliance on a single, large client. They wanted to understand what makes them different from others offering similar services and identify opportunities for growth across Michigan, the Midwest and nationally.

CSR Communications listened to the client’s initial request to produce a white paper on fiscal sponsorship to raise their visibility. After digging deeper to learn why the client wanted that, we instead conducted a market assessment, including current and prospective client interviews and competitor analysis; convened three work sessions with the client map out dreams, goals, opportunities and challenges; and identified a clear growth path based on market opportunities and their new positioning as the ones who deliver peace of mind.

“CSR Communications’ thorough research and assessment of our competitive environment and unique contribution to clients helped us make key decisions about our future. The team is not only detail-oriented and prompt, but also flexible, helping us keep on track and on task. They even made a referral for our service delivery, which resulted in a new client for us.”

Rose Khalifa

CEO, Metro Solutions (Detroit, MI)

Success Story: JF Maddox Foundation

In 2015, the JF Maddox Foundation, a New Mexico-based family foundation, began to transition governance to the third generation and transition more day-to-day responsibility to staff. This change came after decades of leadership and foundation management by second generation members. The Foundation held its first board retreat in four years in 2018 to address the natural growing pains and delegation challenges associated with this leadership transition.

The Foundation hired CSR Communications to design and facilitate the three-day retreat. Effective retreat design included absorbing the history and current status of the Foundation; interviewing staff, directors and emeriti directors; and balancing a long list of desired outcomes with the available timeframe. The Board left the retreat with a working set of board norms; new language, processes and tools to enhance board meeting effectiveness; deeper understanding of and appreciation for staff; and a commitment to engage in strategic planning to move them forward.

“Our new strategic plan fits my overall need to make sense of our work and connect the dots between our vision-mission and all the activity we do in the community. It will help us have meaningful and productive board-staff conversations in the future, as it provides the framework we need to make the hard decisions. Nancy’s process was flexible in meeting the diverse needs of board members and the staff, while getting us to a great result in a reasonable timeframe.”

Ann Utterback

Board Chair, JF Maddox Foundation (Hobbs, NM)